It's totally easy and is almost clearly written in the Wordpress documentation. I will go straight to the point.
You will have to know a little bit of PHP. In your themes folder, open the index.php file. In the file you will find this code(without the curly braces):
{ if ( have_posts() ) }  this code queries your database for posts with the default setting from your Wordpress Dashboard.
Just before the code(without the curly braces), input this code to modify the query:
{ $query = new WP_Query( array( 'posts_per_page' => 4 ) ); }"You can change the number of posts that suits your design."
Then you need to modify further. Change the following....{ if ( have_posts() ) } to { if ($query->have_posts() ) }{while ( have_posts() )} to { while ( $query->have_posts() )}{the_post()} to {$query->the_post()}  So that's all you need to do Happy coding :)

Yakata Prices on

Image is a Nigerian Cyber shop, where you can buy goods and have them deliver them on your door step. For this Yuletide season that is upon us, have a very big surprise for their customers. in respect of this Yuletide season are dropping the prices on everything.
The price drop is amazing! Imagine buying a PS3 for 60K, imagine buying a Techno Phantom A+ for 19K. Come 29th November, prices for will fall Yakata.... So get ready to start shopping, come 29th November, because this is for a limited time.
This is similar to Cyber Monday in the US. For more info visit

Download Torrents directly

Torrents are computer files that contain data about a particular file. The data contains information about the file, such as its format, name, size, and locations stored. A torrent is a link to a particular file that is stored on different locations on  the internet that could be downloaded by anyone who has a torrent downloader such as: Utorrent and Vuze.  With these torrent downloaders your download speed is limited. That's why I decided to write this article for those who are tired of the slow download speed they get using these torrent downloaders
If you already download Torrent files with torrent downloaders, this article specially prepared for you. All you need to is sit back and follow the steps I am about to highlight below.

There are sites that download or cache the torrent file you need to a cloud server and give you direct access to downloading the file. You can then use your favorite download manager to download it with unlimited speed.

My recommended method....

Learn how to easily change the appearance or template of your blog

Most bloggers using Blogspot usually just go with the normal appearance made available by Blogspot. Well, for those who love being different, those who want their blogs to look more attractive, those who want their blogs to open fast when accessed, those who want a new appearance for both their blog appearance on PC and Mobile; this is something you will enjoy reading.

Mosquito repellant Air Conditoner by LG to combat Malaria in Africa- Mosquito Away

LG is clearly concerned about the health of its customers in the Sub-saharan region of Africa which mainly consist of rain forests and tropic areas. Africa is know to be the white man's grave yard, because of the deadly insect called Mosquito which spreads Malaria. Thus, LG has joined the fight against Malaria.
In order to change this conception of Africa, LG has introduced a new Air conditioner system called 'LG Mosquito away' model no HS-C0964NN9.
The question you have right now is how does this Air conditioner keep the mosquitos away? which is a very good question for anyone to have. Well, the answer is quite simple. The Air conditioner uses ultrasonic wave technology; The ultrasonic wave inactivates or repels mosquitoes.

Unlock any internet modem online

Welcome, I know you clicked this link for a purpose, you have been in search of a solution to being stuck to using just one SIM on your internet modem? Is there a new mobile intenet service provider in your area? Do you have the need to switch to a new network, but you can't?
I know ever since you bought your internet modem you have been stuck with the same network it came with; in slow, poor and good network times.
I have a simple solution to this challenge that has plaugued you since you purchased your internet modem. Follow me and get liberated from that slow network; or rather liberate your internet modem.

Follow these few steps>>>

Upgrade your phone in the MTN phone upgrade program

Even better than Airtel Nigeria's offer, MTN Nigeria is offering a trade-in of your old but functional phone for a Nokia Lumia 625 Windows 8 Smartphone.
All you need to do is to: